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Santa Maria Aquamarine Jewelry 

When shopping for aquamarine jewelry keep in mind that aquamarines are a common gem stone. However there are some types of this beautifully faceted beryl that are considered to be "a cut above" all the rest. (no pun intended.) One of these is the Santa Maria Aquamarine.

The Santa Maria Aquamarine is known for its deeper bright blue color that can be described as the kind of blue that happens on a sunny day when the ocean's horizon meets the sky. This brilliant blue gem stone is treasure by both collectors and new comers to the world of aquamarine jewelry alike.

Santa Maria aquamarine jewelery is found in the Santa Maria de Itabira mine in Brazil. These gem stones are supposed to be the brightest and bluest in the world although similar stones have been mined in Mozambique. To differentiate them from the Brazilian ones these brilliant blue stones from Mozambique are called "Santo Maria Africa."

Brazil also produces high quality sea green aquamarines from a mine in Santo. These paler precious aquamarines which are not as brightly blue as the Santa Maria aquamarines are called "Espirito Santo" aquamarines.

Keep in mind when shopping for aquamarine jewelry that the highest quality stones tend to come from Brazil. The gem stones from this country tend to be large, more transparent, have magnificent color and contain the least flaws. Aquamarines that are of a lower quality, but more affordable could come from Madagascar, Mozambique, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Zambia.

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