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Facts About Black Diamond Jewelry

Most black diamond jewelry is technically made from lumps of carbon or what is commonly known as coal. These coloured diamonds, which are industrial grade diamonds known as bort. Eighty percent of the diamonds mined in the world can be considered to be bort. Usually bort is considered to be unsuitable for jewelry but gem manufacturers have found several ways to compress treat and heat these stones so that they can be used in black diamond jewelry.

There are some black diamond crystals that are found naturally but this is only one out of every 100,000 crystals that are mined. Therefore a true black diamond is extremely rare and worth many thousands. You are not likely to find this type of colored diamond online or at a jewelry store.

Perhaps the most attractive black diamonds are those that are grown in a lab. Rather then being compressed and molded into a crystallized shape to make black diamond jewelry, these coloured diamonds are completely flawless. These are more transparent than black diamonds made from bort and tend to have a bit more flash and fire. Also these synthetic imitation black diamonds tend be quite affordable and more durable than diamonds made from bort.

Black diamond jewelry is very mysterious and best suited for individuals who are into the occult or have a bit of a dark side. This is because black diamonds have traditionally been used as scrying tools with which to see images of what is to come in the future.


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