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Where Do Rubies Come From?

Questions such as "Where do rubies come from?" and "Where are rubies found?" can be difficult to answer simply because there is more than one right response.

To start with the basics, all rubies are mined from the ground just like most gemstones. They belong to the family of corundum minerals. Trace minerals such as chrome, iron, titanium or vanadium are responsible for the different colors of the gemstones in this mineral family. Where a ruby is from originally can greatly affect the shade of its color as well.

The purest reddest stones are the burmese rubies, which were originally mined in "the valley of rubies" in now what is now called Myanmar. These burmese rubies were blood red with a bluish hue. Another important source of rubies in Myanmar is near the city of Mong Hsu. These Mong Hsu rubies have a dark black core and a bright red surface. When heated these stones turn a gorgeous pinkish red.

Vietnam is also a place where rubies are found. Generally Vietnamese rubies are slightly purple in colors. Rubies that come from Thailand have a brownish red color that is known throughout the world as the "Siam color".

The raspberry red rubies that used to be so common were mined in Ceylon that is now known as Sri Lanka. Unfortunately many of these mines are depleted of their stores and no longer provide the world with their gorgeous colored gem stones. However this is to be expected as some of these mines have been excavated for their corundum mineral treasures since 3000 B.C.!


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