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Rubies are the red form of sapphires and are the mineral corundum with chromium causing the red color.  Natural rubies are extremely rare, and many of the rubies that can be found in ruby jewelry are actually synthetic.

Rubies are found in many parts of Asia, in several countries in Africa, and in Greenland.  The largest ruby in the world belongs to Mr. G. Vidyaraj of India and weighs an extraordinary 2,475 carats!

 Flawless rubies are as rare as the true love and passion that their vibrant red symbolizes!  However, sometimes people are willing to pay for extremely rare “flaws” in rubies.  One of the most popular of these flaws is the star ruby.  Star rubies contain small amounts of the mineral rutilum, which can cause beautiful patterns of light across the stone.  This effect is called asterism, and is especially admired when it forms a full six-ray star.


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